The River of Despair – A Photo Collection Series

For the last several months I have been working on a series of photos.  The series is called The River of Despair.  All the images were taken at the same location along the Nashua River.  I was only going to focus on creating one specific conceptual image for the story I wanted to tell.  But, I ended up with a series of several images I shot on the same day and it was hard to choose just one.  After I finished editing them all–I had eight images that I really loved, which I thought were cohesive and I intuitively felt should stay together.

Dark Despair_LR

It started out with a sketch and a concept.  My inspiration came from reading about one of my favorite periods in art history: the Baroque period which lasted roughly from the 1600s through the 1800s.  I tried to emulate the painterly look and I wanted to create a Baroque drama-like style: expressing the beauty I see in dark art.

I like to leave the story behind my images up to interpretation, but my concept tells the story of a young man distraught over the end of a relationship.  He goes down to the river and contemplates taking his own life.  In the end the story takes a turn and he sees the beauty in his surroundings: the trees, the water, and the overall landscape lit up with the sun’s rays. He finds several beautiful flowers along the bed of the river. The flowers seem to have appeared out of no where. He picks up a flower and realizes the beauty that life has to offer.

She's Gone_LR

I also played with the idea of using balloons as a prop to express darkness (sadness) and finding the light (hope) as a metaphor.  The story is told in the same outdoor location. I’m particularly proud of these images and how they came out.

Charlie Chaplin Inspiration_LR

While working on these images and mulling over them for weeks, the sad news about Robin Williams’ own despair came out.  It made these images even more poignant for me. I hope these images bring hope to those who suffer from despair. No matter how bad things appear; if one stops to explore their surroundings, true meaning can be found in the beauty of life versus the sadness in one specific moment in time.  There’s always tomorrow and one can always find a spark of joy in a new day.

If you would like to know more about these images feel free to contact me via my Contact Page.  You can view the rest of the images here.

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