The Prom Dress 2015

With May/June 2015 coming to a close I look back at the photo sessions I photographed these last two months.  In today’s modern times, finding that perfect prom dress is almost as important as finding that perfect wedding dress.  I have to laugh because my dress back in the day was this bright purple puffy sleeve ensemble.  It was quite the sight.  Today, these lovely young ladies wear dresses that speak classic, sleek, and stylish.

Prom season is always a joy to photograph!  Just look at these amazing colors and style!

Danielle Girlfriends Prom Dresses 1 Danielle Girlfriends Prom Dresses 2 Danielle Prom Dress Lady In Red Prom Dress Green Prom Dress Line Prom Dresses Danielle's Girlfriends

Danielle and Evan

Katelynn Prom Dress 2 Katelynn Prom Dress 3 Katelynn Prom Dress 4 Katelynn Prom Dress 5


One thought on “The Prom Dress 2015

  1. Beautiful dresses, beautiful girls (and guys) and BEAUTIFUL photography! You captured great memories for these girls.

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