The Dark Crop Haunted Corn Maze of Hollis, NH

What can I say… when you have to photograph an event for Halloween and it just happens to be inside a corn maze, one has to learn fast to overcome this hidden fear of corn mazes. Yep, and now it’s out in the open. It’s not so much about the spooks inside the maze per se, but it’s the idea of becoming lost and discombobulated inside the maze; especially in the dark.  When I walked through by myself to get some shots of the actors, I kept hearing these rustling sounds and things falling.  Oh, it was very spooky indeed.

Dark Crop 2014_SM_2014_00108

But despite my fear, I had a great time watching and photographing the young actors prepare for the nighttime spook event.  Let me just say these young adults–as well as students from the Performing Arts Curriculum at Hollis/Brookline Highs School–put their heart and soul into creating a fright-night for all who dare to enter the maze.  They create memorable characters and story lines, which leaves people talking about these infamous characters long after it’s all done and brings them back year after year.

Dark Crop 2014_SM_2014_00114 Dark Crop 2014_SM_2014_00131

The Dark Crop is open every Friday and Saturday (and one Sunday) throughout the month of October.  The ghoulish events start at 7:00 pm in the evening.  My friends have raved about it and the props inside the maze are pretty spectacular too.  Don’t miss it, only a few more weekends to go, so get your tickets soon!

Dark Crop 2014_SM_2014_00135 Dark Crop 2014_SM_2014_00151 Dark Crop 2014_SM_2014_00161

For more details, visit the Dark Crop Facebook fan page here.

If you would like to see the event portfolio and location, please visit the portfolio to see more photos here.

Enjoy the spooks everyone and Happy Halloween to all!!


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