Family Connections & Portraiture

I met Laura several years ago when she reached out to me about purchasing some images that I had photographed of her son, Paul, earlier that year.  Paul had done some modeling for me and he was an early supporter of my work.  He played a small role in helping me define my photographic style and the type of photography I wanted to put out there for public viewing.  I had dabbled in conceptual art photography for a while, but I  did a complete 360, and fell in love with family and high school senior portraiture.  There was something about capturing the family connection and the family story.  It stayed with me and I haven’t turned back since.  

Jump ahead a few more years and once again I met up with Paul for a reunion of sorts, and we discussed doing some head shots for his social media outlets. This time I told him to make sure he shared the gallery with his mother.  

Laura ended up reaching out to me once again and requested a separate portrait session for her daughter, Jenn, and also a family portrait session.  I was thrilled to oblige and happy that she was familiar with and loved my work.  It was great to meet Paul’s sister and his father too.  I was invited to their home and we shot these beautiful images in their backyard.  The location was stunning and lovely to wander through.

Can I say that I’m one lucky photographer to meet such a wonderful family!  Thanks to Paul for connecting and bringing us all together.

EJ’s Senior Photo Session – Benson Park, Hudson

I can’t believe EJ is a Nashua High School Class of 2017 Senior.  My son and EJ both played for Nashua Little League and I’ve watched EJ grow up from afar and become a charismatic young adult.




I’ve known EJ’s Mom since childhood.  We both became mom’s at the same time and over the years we have shared and discussed our children’s milestones in life: from watching them participate in team sports and cheering them on; deciding on and supporting them throughout their school curriculum choices; stressing over their drivers education; supporting their first job endeavors, and now we have come to the realization that they’re both college bound.  Our little munchkins have become handsome and thriving young men.





EJ plans to pursue a career in the electrical field after he graduates.  But for now he’s enjoying his last year of high school.  He loves to ski and he’s currently participating in the school ski club and looking forward to the ski season!


ej-8 ej-6



Thank you EJ for allowing me to photograph your Senior High School portraits.  I hope that one day you will look back and remember how wonderful it was to capture these special memories.  I look forward to chatting with your mom and keeping up with all your future endeavors.



Matthew’s Senior Session

I consider it an honor that in this field of photography I get the opportunity to meet so many gifted and talented young people.

Matthew Senior Session_0004

I met Matthew and his Mom through mutual acquaintances.  Matthew is  a gentleman through and through and our photo session went extremely well, due to Matthew’s positive attitude and patience, despite us both having to deal with some very windy weather conditions on the day of the photo shoot.  My reflector came close to blowing away a few times, but we all kept on smiling.

Matthew Senior Session_0006

Matthew is graduating from Bedford High School and plans to attend the University of New Hampshire (UNH).  He will major in Forestry and wants to be a Park Ranger.  He gained his love of the outdoors as an Eagle Scout, which is considered one of the highest honors in the rank and requires an extensive review process and several years of merit achievements to gain the work-level requirements of being an Eagle Scout.  I could tell that being outdoors–in a forest environment–definitely helped Matthew’s comfort level.

Matthew Senior Session_0008 Matthew Senior Session_0005

Matthew is also  a Bedford Crew rowing team member.   I recently read that the team did very well in their last regatta race!  Congratulations to the Bedford Crew team!

Senior_Matthew A._0002

Matthew Senior Session_0007

Best of luck Matthew in all that you do and for following all of your dreams.  I know you will make an excellent Park Ranger!


Taylor’s Winter Portrait Session

I had the honor of photographing Taylor, a Michigan State University (MSU) student, enrolled in  pre-med.  Taylor was visiting her family during the holidays and she loved the photos I shot of her sister, Jesse.  I was thrilled to get a message from Taylor’s Mom who contacted me and asked whether I could photograph Taylor before she went back to school.  Of course I said yes.  We decided to brave the winter weather to capture Taylor in an outdoor environment.  I shoot year round; snowy landscapes are one of my favorite backdrops. Taylor’s own personal style made for some beautiful images that fit so well with the scenery.

TR 2

Taylor 3sq

Taylor in her spare time enjoys reading, yoga, and has a close group of friends that she loves to spend time with.  Taylor confided in me that it’s still too soon to determine what her specialty in medicine will be, but that cardiology is on the top of her list.  She has joined the Spartan pre-professional club at MSU because of her interest in medicine.  I learned that the club brings on healthcare providers from various medical fields and they in turn provide advice to students interested in the healthcare profession.


TR 1


Taylor 10


Thank you Taylor for giving me the opportunity to photograph you and for spending time with me.  You’re an elegant young woman destined for a sustainable future in a field that gives back to the community.  Highly commendable and I wish you the best of luck!

Nathan’s Senior Photo Session

PBWI had a perfect day for Nathan’s senior photo session held on 06 December 2015.  At this time of the year one never knows what to expect weather-wise, but the weather held up nicely for us and we all (Nathan and his family) got the chance to enjoy and appreciate the warm outdoor temperatures.


Nathan_B&W profile

I first met Nathan briefly during the Bedford High School Prom.  It was a pleasure to once again photograph Nathan and to document another important milestone in his life.  It solidified for me the great young man Nathan is and the great things the future has in store for him.  I was so happy that Anne, Nathan’s Mom, understood the importance of making an investment to capture this moment in time and to have professional senior photos done.  I can say with strong conviction, through my own personal experience, how important it is to capture this moment in time, and ones youth and the beautiful memories it will bring back years from now.  Someday, I hope that Nathan will look back on this day and share with family and friends the photos and remember the experience with fondness.


Nathan_stone wall

Nathan’s athletic achievements involves rowing for  the Bedford Crew team.  Team work and camaraderie are the critical elements of this sport.  Nathan plans to continue with the sport of rowing when he attends college.  One given in life is that in some shape or form we all one day have to work as part of a team; no matter what field, or chosen path one takes.  What an excellent all around foundation this sport gives to Nathan!

Nathan_sm bridge

Nathan hopes to attend the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA.  I will keep my fingers crossed for him and his family that he gets in.  He sure will be in great company with many notable alumni from Holy Cross that I researched.

Nathan_dam falls

Nathan:  Thank you for being a kind young man and for your patience hanging out with three women on the day of the photo shoot.  Best of luck and I wish you  much success in all you do in life now and in the future!

Jesse Senior Photo Session

On October 31st, Southern New Hampshire enjoyed a warm fall day.  Jesse arrived for her photo session at Mine Falls and brought along her little dog, Charlee, which I believe Jesse stated was a Poodle-Yorkie mix.  I can’t say enough about the gorgeous light we got to enjoy during this photo session.  The fall colors were in bloom and golden light surrounded us everywhere we wandered.

Jesse Senior LR 1

Jesse Golden Field

What I noticed immediately upon Jesse’s arrival was her confidence.  Jesse told me she’s been cheerleading since first grade.   I was not surprised to learn that her position as a “base,” requires a good attitude, strength, and confidence.  It has to be one of the most important positions in cheerleading:  the flyers put their trust in the hands of the base team members.

Jesse Senior LR 2

Jesse Sitting_

Charlee adores Jesse and would not take his eyes off her for one moment.  He enjoyed the wandering portion of the photo shoot as much as we did.

Jesse & Charlee 2

Jesse & Charlee

As Jesse finishes her last year at Bedford High School the rest of her journey encompasses dreams of attending The University of Tampa and she plans to major in clinical psychology.  Jesse you’re a beautiful person inside and out.  It was a pleasure getting to know you a little better since our last shoot!  Best of luck in all you do!!


Kayla’s Senior Photo Session

What can I say about this beautiful girl?  The camera loves her and it was one of my favorite photo sessions to date.  Kayla is looking forward to completing her Senior year of High School and she’s currently busy applying and working hard on her college essays.  Kayla has always loved animals and she’s seeking a career in veterinary science.  What an exciting time for Kayla and such a wonderful career path!

Kayla 1 Kayla 2 Kayla 3 Kayla 4 Kayla 5 Kayla 6 Kayla 7 Kayla 8 Kayla 10

We also snuck in a few family portraits.  As you can see good looks run in the family.  Kayla’s brother Alex is quite handsome and I look forward to photographing his senior session in a few years.  The following images show the warmth and charm this family exudes.

Family Photo_LR resized

Alex 1

Thanks to Kayla and her family for a wonderful photo shoot.  I wish Kayla the best of luck in all her future endeavors.