A Portrait Session with Sue Murphy of Des Rochers Real Estate Professionals

I spent a wonderful Saturday afternoon in June with Sue Murphy of Des Rochers Real Estate Professionals.  

In Sue’s own words and personal pledge:  “I know that buying or selling a home is more than a transaction.  It’s a life changing experience and I take great pride in the relationships I have and always work relentlessly on the client’s behalf to help them achieve their real estate goals.”

Sue it was a pleasure working with you!  Thanks for contacting PBWI for updating your real estate images and overall portfolio!


Jenn’s UNH College Graduation Portrait Session

I’m so excited for Jenn.  She will be graduating this month summa cum laude from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Management and Policy and a minor in Psychology.  

Jenn has a passion for interacting with people from all walks of life.  Her career choices are endless and I look forward to staying in touch with her and hear about all her accomplishments!

This session was a joy to photograph!  Jenn’s dress and style was just gorgeous for this lifestyle portrait session at her home.  With eyes as green as emeralds; I barely needed to add any catch-lights.

Best of luck  Jenn in all you do!

Indoor and Outdoor Corporate Headshots

I love the nontraditional headshot.  These head shots were created with indoor window lighting in mind.  We also photographed Paul outdoors for a unique corporate portfolio.  

If you’d like to try something a little different for your next headshot contact PBWI!  You will receive ten different shots and poses to add to your website, Linkedin, Instagram or Business Facebook page.  Be different and show your clients who you really are.  Alternate the images to showcase both your professional and casual style.

EJ’s Senior Photo Session – Benson Park, Hudson

I can’t believe EJ is a Nashua High School Class of 2017 Senior.  My son and EJ both played for Nashua Little League and I’ve watched EJ grow up from afar and become a charismatic young adult.




I’ve known EJ’s Mom since childhood.  We both became mom’s at the same time and over the years we have shared and discussed our children’s milestones in life: from watching them participate in team sports and cheering them on; deciding on and supporting them throughout their school curriculum choices; stressing over their drivers education; supporting their first job endeavors, and now we have come to the realization that they’re both college bound.  Our little munchkins have become handsome and thriving young men.





EJ plans to pursue a career in the electrical field after he graduates.  But for now he’s enjoying his last year of high school.  He loves to ski and he’s currently participating in the school ski club and looking forward to the ski season!


ej-8 ej-6



Thank you EJ for allowing me to photograph your Senior High School portraits.  I hope that one day you will look back and remember how wonderful it was to capture these special memories.  I look forward to chatting with your mom and keeping up with all your future endeavors.



Taylor’s Winter Portrait Session

I had the honor of photographing Taylor, a Michigan State University (MSU) student, enrolled in  pre-med.  Taylor was visiting her family during the holidays and she loved the photos I shot of her sister, Jesse.  I was thrilled to get a message from Taylor’s Mom who contacted me and asked whether I could photograph Taylor before she went back to school.  Of course I said yes.  We decided to brave the winter weather to capture Taylor in an outdoor environment.  I shoot year round; snowy landscapes are one of my favorite backdrops. Taylor’s own personal style made for some beautiful images that fit so well with the scenery.

TR 2

Taylor 3sq

Taylor in her spare time enjoys reading, yoga, and has a close group of friends that she loves to spend time with.  Taylor confided in me that it’s still too soon to determine what her specialty in medicine will be, but that cardiology is on the top of her list.  She has joined the Spartan pre-professional club at MSU because of her interest in medicine.  I learned that the club brings on healthcare providers from various medical fields and they in turn provide advice to students interested in the healthcare profession.


TR 1


Taylor 10


Thank you Taylor for giving me the opportunity to photograph you and for spending time with me.  You’re an elegant young woman destined for a sustainable future in a field that gives back to the community.  Highly commendable and I wish you the best of luck!

Zack – Portrait Session

I met up with Zack because he needed some professional-casual photos done that he may possibly use for his future website.  He is working on opening a Sober Living Home.   The name sums up the mission of what the house provides and there’s plenty of information on-line about these type of homes if you would like more information.


Zack_CT_Picker B Alley


Zack is a private person, but I can say he has a mission and he’s currently going to school; his focus is in the field of community service to help others.


Zack_Brick W Zack_CT_Picker B Tire Zack_CT Zack_steps

Zack – Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to meet you!  You ‘re a special individual.  Much respect and success in all that you do!!


Danielle’s Senior Photo Session

I’m so proud of this senior photo session.  Why, you may ask?  Well, it’s because the senior in these images just happens to be my niece.  The years have flown by and Danielle has become such a beautiful young lady.  I’m so honored that she chose me to capture her senior photos.

Danielle Senior Photos 1

Tryptich 2

Danielle is pursuing a career in the nursing field.  She plans to focus on a specialty; either in oncology or ER, but she’s leaving her options open.  And, oh my goodness! Her mom told me she’s applied to ten colleges to date!

Danielle Senior Photos 2 Danielle Senior Photos 3

Danielle has been a cheerleader since the tender age of six-years-old.  She started with the Bedford Jaguars, and then when she aged-out, she cheered for her middle school and then high school.  She made varsity as a freshman in high school and remains on the team through her senior year.  She was always a “flyer.”  Imagine being lifted and thrown in the air, twisting your body, and all the while trusting the girls beneath you to catch you descending in the air.  Gives me goosebumps.  Danielle was also an amazing “tumbler.”  Her last tumbling skill was a “full.”  Due to a knee injury–Danielle has had to step back from cheering, but still gives back as the Team Captain.  Such admirable accomplishments and she has always had an iron determination.  I say this time–imagine her will, and what lies ahead for her future!  Yes, I’m truly a proud aunt!


Danielle – I’m so proud of all of your accomplishments!  I wish you heartfelt success in all that you do!  And  thank you always for making your aunt feel special by choosing me as your photographer!

Kayla’s Senior Photo Session

What can I say about this beautiful girl?  The camera loves her and it was one of my favorite photo sessions to date.  Kayla is looking forward to completing her Senior year of High School and she’s currently busy applying and working hard on her college essays.  Kayla has always loved animals and she’s seeking a career in veterinary science.  What an exciting time for Kayla and such a wonderful career path!

Kayla 1 Kayla 2 Kayla 3 Kayla 4 Kayla 5 Kayla 6 Kayla 7 Kayla 8 Kayla 10

We also snuck in a few family portraits.  As you can see good looks run in the family.  Kayla’s brother Alex is quite handsome and I look forward to photographing his senior session in a few years.  The following images show the warmth and charm this family exudes.

Family Photo_LR resized

Alex 1

Thanks to Kayla and her family for a wonderful photo shoot.  I wish Kayla the best of luck in all her future endeavors.

Becki and Adam

Where do I begin with Becki and Adam?  Capturing their love and affection for one another was as easy and as natural as the sun rising every morning.  Becki mentioned during our first discussions about the session that she and Adam had not had professional images taken of them for quite some time.  They had also missed the opportunity to have professional wedding photos done.   So this session was  mainly about them as a couple.  We discussed doing a family photo session at a later date, once their son came back from camp.

Becki and Adam 2But as it turned out–their three beautiful daughters–came to the photo session.  Becki did not want to be away from the girls too long.  It reminded me of when my husband and I were young couple with our boys. We took them with us everywhere we went.  It always felt right to do so versus leaving them with a babysitter.  So of course, we could not resist having the girls jump in for an impromptu family photo.  Just look at those adorable, sweet, little faces.  It ended up being one of my absolute favorite images from the collection.

Young FamilyI’m looking forward to capturing another photo session in the future for this lovely family.  I’m also happy that I was able to give Becki and Adam these beautiful images, of just the two of them, to look back on and cherish years from now.

B & A_Bench 2 B & A_Dance B & A_holding B & A_trail 1 B & A_trail B & A_Walk Becki and Adam

B & A_bridge 3