A Photo Session with the Fercho Family

I photographed the Fercho family in early November.  Valery was 8 months pregnant at the time and oh how radiant and lovely she looked!  The golden fall light just seemed to wrap itself around this beautiful family with warmth.

Samantha, their daughter, was so curious about everything and walked independently as we wandered from one location to another.  And those furry white booties, well, they are just too much for me to take.  

Thanks to the Fercho family for spending the afternoon with me, so that we could capture these wonderful warm images.  Can’t wait to meet baby #2! 


Young Family Photo Session – Bedford Village Common

Meeting up with Becki and Adam and their children once again was a complete joy. They’re natural posers and always make my job so easy when it comes to setting them up for semi-natural poses. Getting them all to smile, move and look my way was effortless. I’m sure it must be from other members of their family constantly capturing such family cuteness over the years that makes them so natural in front of the camera.



I combined the family session with a mini-maternity session. Can I say that Becki, and I know this may sound like a complete maternity-cliche, but in her case it’s absolutely true: Becki is simply radiant! Motherhood and family life just suits her so well. She’s not only beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside. And, her children adore her.



And Adam, well just look at him. He can’t stop smitten over his beautiful family! Wouldn’t you?




I look forward to future photo sessions with the Young family.  I may even have a few surprises coming up in the future.

Karen and Greg Winter Maternity Photo Shoot

We postponed this photo shoot so many times due to New England’s endless weekends of snow storms this year.  We finally made the decision to just do it this past Saturday. Not to mention that the clock was ticking and that Karen is due to have her little miracle in just seven days.

Karen & Gregg Looking Out

I’m happy and pleased with how these images of Karen and Greg came out.  Simple and ethereal, which is what I wanted to accomplish.  In the end, I do need to thank the snowy landscape and the weather which helped me create the soft look that I was after,

Karen & Greg Smiling at Eachother Karen Ethereal

May I say that Karen and Greg were amazing troopers and a dream couple to work with during my first maternity photo shoot.  We encountered many challenges: the cold weather, the mounds of snow to deal with, and not having an assistant to help me carry my gear during our photo shoot.  But yet we approached the shoot with numerous jokes, much laughter, and a German Shepard who stormed us by surprise.  Many stories for them to one day tell their little boy one day.

Karen & Greg Baby Outfit Karen & Greg Kiss Karen & Greg Walking Shot

I invited Karen and Greg to my home for hot chocolate and cookies at the end of our shoot.  What better way to end the day and continue to capture the beauty and celebration of life in my impromptu home studio.  Karen’s round belly left me in awe; the true meaning of a woman’s beauty in the end is giving life.

Belly Shot

Belly Shot Greg's and Karen's Hands

Thank you Karen and Greg for being the perfect couple and making this photo shoot an outstanding experience for all of us.