Alyzza’s Freshman Year

I’m so excited that I get to work with Alyzza for the next few years as part of PBWI’s student ambassador program.  Alyzza is currently a high school freshman and meets all of my requirements for being a spokesperson for PBWI.  If you would like more information about this program please feel free to reach out to me via my contact page.  I am looking for one more student and will send you a brochure about the program.

Alyzza loves to sing, she loves art, and loves to dance.  She is most proud of her family and adores all her brothers and sisters.  Currently she  participates in her high school color guard and I look forward to see what else Alyzza will accomplish in the next few years.  

Thank you Alyzza and keep on singing and being the great kid that you are!

Cunha Family Photo Session

I loved this late fall family photo session.  Autumn’s color palette combined with a beautiful family paints a pretty fall scene.   Add an adorable two year old and a family pet with lots of personality and one has a concoction that is perfection.

Cunha Family 4

Cunha Family 6


Cunha Family 7

Shelby the pit bull is not only gorgeous, but knew when it was time to pose with the rest of the family on cue.   She was a complete love and sweetheart.  And, not to mention her silky coat fit in with the autumn color theme as well.  What more can a photographer ask for.

Cunha Family 2

Cunha Family 5

Cunha Family 3

Thanks to the Cunha family for providing a lovely setting to photograph their portrait session.  I wish you all a Merry Christmas and holiday full of love and cheer!

The Prom Dress 2015

With May/June 2015 coming to a close I look back at the photo sessions I photographed these last two months.  In today’s modern times, finding that perfect prom dress is almost as important as finding that perfect wedding dress.  I have to laugh because my dress back in the day was this bright purple puffy sleeve ensemble.  It was quite the sight.  Today, these lovely young ladies wear dresses that speak classic, sleek, and stylish.

Prom season is always a joy to photograph!  Just look at these amazing colors and style!

Danielle Girlfriends Prom Dresses 1 Danielle Girlfriends Prom Dresses 2 Danielle Prom Dress Lady In Red Prom Dress Green Prom Dress Line Prom Dresses Danielle's Girlfriends

Danielle and Evan

Katelynn Prom Dress 2 Katelynn Prom Dress 3 Katelynn Prom Dress 4 Katelynn Prom Dress 5


The Dark Crop Haunted Corn Maze of Hollis, NH

What can I say… when you have to photograph an event for Halloween and it just happens to be inside a corn maze, one has to learn fast to overcome this hidden fear of corn mazes. Yep, and now it’s out in the open. It’s not so much about the spooks inside the maze per se, but it’s the idea of becoming lost and discombobulated inside the maze; especially in the dark.  When I walked through by myself to get some shots of the actors, I kept hearing these rustling sounds and things falling.  Oh, it was very spooky indeed.

Dark Crop 2014_SM_2014_00108

But despite my fear, I had a great time watching and photographing the young actors prepare for the nighttime spook event.  Let me just say these young adults–as well as students from the Performing Arts Curriculum at Hollis/Brookline Highs School–put their heart and soul into creating a fright-night for all who dare to enter the maze.  They create memorable characters and story lines, which leaves people talking about these infamous characters long after it’s all done and brings them back year after year.

Dark Crop 2014_SM_2014_00114 Dark Crop 2014_SM_2014_00131

The Dark Crop is open every Friday and Saturday (and one Sunday) throughout the month of October.  The ghoulish events start at 7:00 pm in the evening.  My friends have raved about it and the props inside the maze are pretty spectacular too.  Don’t miss it, only a few more weekends to go, so get your tickets soon!

Dark Crop 2014_SM_2014_00135 Dark Crop 2014_SM_2014_00151 Dark Crop 2014_SM_2014_00161

For more details, visit the Dark Crop Facebook fan page here.

If you would like to see the event portfolio and location, please visit the portfolio to see more photos here.

Enjoy the spooks everyone and Happy Halloween to all!!


Mastering Backlight

I love the effect a backlit glow gives to an image.  It can sometimes be tricky to capture without underexposing your subjects, but when you get it right you will know it.  Images appear dreamlike. The best time for capturing backlight is during the magical golden hour (one hour before sunset), but even when the sun is slightly higher in the sky it’s still worth taking the opportunity to give backlighting a try.  There are many great tutorials on-line to get the technicalities of backlighting just right, but I often just like to feel out the angle and position of my subjects and increase exposure a few stops, so not to underexpose the subjects.

Danielle's Prom_LR_BckLght

The following image was taken during an event I shot.  The light was streaming beautifully through a large high-rise deck, which gave the participants a sunny glow. A little lens flare occurred, but lens flare in my opinion creates a nostalgic image.

Dare to Create_LR_BckLght

Mastering backlight takes practice.  For photographers who are more artistically inclined and prefer to forgo technical perfection for a little imperfection; a backlit scene is truly rewarding.  It adds a little sparkle to an Event portfolio vs. the same ordinary event shots.


The River of Despair – A Photo Collection Series

For the last several months I have been working on a series of photos.  The series is called The River of Despair.  All the images were taken at the same location along the Nashua River.  I was only going to focus on creating one specific conceptual image for the story I wanted to tell.  But, I ended up with a series of several images I shot on the same day and it was hard to choose just one.  After I finished editing them all–I had eight images that I really loved, which I thought were cohesive and I intuitively felt should stay together.

Dark Despair_LR

It started out with a sketch and a concept.  My inspiration came from reading about one of my favorite periods in art history: the Baroque period which lasted roughly from the 1600s through the 1800s.  I tried to emulate the painterly look and I wanted to create a Baroque drama-like style: expressing the beauty I see in dark art.

I like to leave the story behind my images up to interpretation, but my concept tells the story of a young man distraught over the end of a relationship.  He goes down to the river and contemplates taking his own life.  In the end the story takes a turn and he sees the beauty in his surroundings: the trees, the water, and the overall landscape lit up with the sun’s rays. He finds several beautiful flowers along the bed of the river. The flowers seem to have appeared out of no where. He picks up a flower and realizes the beauty that life has to offer.

She's Gone_LR

I also played with the idea of using balloons as a prop to express darkness (sadness) and finding the light (hope) as a metaphor.  The story is told in the same outdoor location. I’m particularly proud of these images and how they came out.

Charlie Chaplin Inspiration_LR

While working on these images and mulling over them for weeks, the sad news about Robin Williams’ own despair came out.  It made these images even more poignant for me. I hope these images bring hope to those who suffer from despair. No matter how bad things appear; if one stops to explore their surroundings, true meaning can be found in the beauty of life versus the sadness in one specific moment in time.  There’s always tomorrow and one can always find a spark of joy in a new day.

If you would like to know more about these images feel free to contact me via my Contact Page.  You can view the rest of the images here.

Sculpting Stories and Inspiration

As a follow-on to my blog post about the International Sculpture Symposium, I wanted to take a day-in-the-life moment to capture the artists at work. This is one of the highlights of this yearly event. People can stop by throughout the day during the entire month to watch the artists create their sculptures.  John Weidman, the Symposium Artistic Director, encourages visitors to stop by and ask questions.

— — — Lasha Khiasheli, Kim Sunjin, and Amgalan Tsevegmid — — —

Watching the sculptors at work took me back in time to when I was a child. I remember watching my father create little works of art at home and outside in his garden. He liked working with wood, clay, cement and other natural elements he would find.  I recall him decorating and painting a dome he created to cover a Virgin Mary Garden Statue.   He placed the statue in the front yard, so when people drove by they could see it. My father looked most at peace when he was creating something with his hands. It’s satisfying to know this made him happy.

Sculptors 3

While doing research I found out that Amgalan Tsevegmid’s childhood imagination and travels with his own father still inspires his artwork today.  His website shows a collection of many of his works.

Lasha’s Khidasheli’s inspiration comes from his classical foundation in the arts and is what inspired him to dream and express his creativity through sculpture.  He is also an educator and loves to share his experiences and knowledge.

The closing ceremony will be held this Saturday at 1:00 p.m. I look forward to the unveiling of the newest art sculptures and the stories they will tell.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The Ornament

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy the time with your family and friends. Thank you to those who have stopped in this year to view and support this new photography website. There is much work still to do and I plan to make changes in the coming new year. My hope is to make this website more enjoyable to view and read. Even if you only visit my website to view my photography and to read my stories that in itself means the world to me.


Holy Night

Best wishes to all this holiday season.

Macro, Details, and Textures

I’m one of those photographers that likes to get out there and shoot and not mope around the house when the phone does not ring.  As an artist I like to keep creating and honing my skills. Building a photography business takes time.

I took the following shots with my macro lens.  One of my favorites places to shoot in Nashua is Mine Falls.  I always find something interesting and new there. I’ve been adding more and more textures to my work. The possibilities with textures are endless.  The texture can be subtle or strong and can also help tell a story.

The texture I used for the bird house helped soften the image and gave the image a bit more luminance; the bus photo, I shot as I was leaving Mine Falls. I love the bold colors and adding a texture really made the bus pop. It gave the image a fiery glow, which did not exist in real life.

The texture used in the photo of the leaves on the ground was definitely subtle, but it intensified the gold, yellow, brown and green colors.  It brought out the detail as well.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about adding textures to your own photos.

Bird House Blues

The Blue Bus

Mine Falls Leaves