Alyzza’s Freshman Year

I’m so excited that I get to work with Alyzza for the next few years as part of PBWI’s student ambassador program.  Alyzza is currently a high school freshman and meets all of my requirements for being a spokesperson for PBWI.  If you would like more information about this program please feel free to reach out to me via my contact page.  I am looking for one more student and will send you a brochure about the program.

Alyzza loves to sing, she loves art, and loves to dance.  She is most proud of her family and adores all her brothers and sisters.  Currently she  participates in her high school color guard and I look forward to see what else Alyzza will accomplish in the next few years.  

Thank you Alyzza and keep on singing and being the great kid that you are!

Karen and Greg Winter Maternity Photo Shoot

We postponed this photo shoot so many times due to New England’s endless weekends of snow storms this year.  We finally made the decision to just do it this past Saturday. Not to mention that the clock was ticking and that Karen is due to have her little miracle in just seven days.

Karen & Gregg Looking Out

I’m happy and pleased with how these images of Karen and Greg came out.  Simple and ethereal, which is what I wanted to accomplish.  In the end, I do need to thank the snowy landscape and the weather which helped me create the soft look that I was after,

Karen & Greg Smiling at Eachother Karen Ethereal

May I say that Karen and Greg were amazing troopers and a dream couple to work with during my first maternity photo shoot.  We encountered many challenges: the cold weather, the mounds of snow to deal with, and not having an assistant to help me carry my gear during our photo shoot.  But yet we approached the shoot with numerous jokes, much laughter, and a German Shepard who stormed us by surprise.  Many stories for them to one day tell their little boy one day.

Karen & Greg Baby Outfit Karen & Greg Kiss Karen & Greg Walking Shot

I invited Karen and Greg to my home for hot chocolate and cookies at the end of our shoot.  What better way to end the day and continue to capture the beauty and celebration of life in my impromptu home studio.  Karen’s round belly left me in awe; the true meaning of a woman’s beauty in the end is giving life.

Belly Shot

Belly Shot Greg's and Karen's Hands

Thank you Karen and Greg for being the perfect couple and making this photo shoot an outstanding experience for all of us.

The Unveiling of Vivian’s Dream

I’ve been out and about photographing many of Nashua’s growing art community events. I’m a little behind in writing about the unveiling of Vivian’s dream, which I attended for my own personal enjoyment to watch the artist, Barbara Andrews, sign the finished mural located on West Pearl Street behind TD Bank.  The unveiling event was held on the 20th of July.  Yes, I know, I’m really behind in my blog postings.

Barbara Andrews

Much has been written about the inspiration for the mural, so I won’t cover that here, but I recommend you google to read about Vivian Walker and her dream.  It’s a lovely story in itself.

Vivian's Dream

My focus for this blog post is about the artist and what she said during the unveiling which resonated with me.  She told the crowd of onlookers that the reason she creates art is to simply make people happy; that’s all.  Simple words that expresses what art is all about.

Barbara Andrews untitled_SM_2014_00053Congratulations Barbara! You certainly did make a lot of people happy. Your work is a beautiful sight to see whenever I walk down West Pearl Street.


The River of Despair – A Photo Collection Series

For the last several months I have been working on a series of photos.  The series is called The River of Despair.  All the images were taken at the same location along the Nashua River.  I was only going to focus on creating one specific conceptual image for the story I wanted to tell.  But, I ended up with a series of several images I shot on the same day and it was hard to choose just one.  After I finished editing them all–I had eight images that I really loved, which I thought were cohesive and I intuitively felt should stay together.

Dark Despair_LR

It started out with a sketch and a concept.  My inspiration came from reading about one of my favorite periods in art history: the Baroque period which lasted roughly from the 1600s through the 1800s.  I tried to emulate the painterly look and I wanted to create a Baroque drama-like style: expressing the beauty I see in dark art.

I like to leave the story behind my images up to interpretation, but my concept tells the story of a young man distraught over the end of a relationship.  He goes down to the river and contemplates taking his own life.  In the end the story takes a turn and he sees the beauty in his surroundings: the trees, the water, and the overall landscape lit up with the sun’s rays. He finds several beautiful flowers along the bed of the river. The flowers seem to have appeared out of no where. He picks up a flower and realizes the beauty that life has to offer.

She's Gone_LR

I also played with the idea of using balloons as a prop to express darkness (sadness) and finding the light (hope) as a metaphor.  The story is told in the same outdoor location. I’m particularly proud of these images and how they came out.

Charlie Chaplin Inspiration_LR

While working on these images and mulling over them for weeks, the sad news about Robin Williams’ own despair came out.  It made these images even more poignant for me. I hope these images bring hope to those who suffer from despair. No matter how bad things appear; if one stops to explore their surroundings, true meaning can be found in the beauty of life versus the sadness in one specific moment in time.  There’s always tomorrow and one can always find a spark of joy in a new day.

If you would like to know more about these images feel free to contact me via my Contact Page.  You can view the rest of the images here.

How I See It

There’s this great quote by Henri Cartier-Bresson. It goes like this: “In photography, the smallest thing can be a great subject. The little human detail can become a leitmotiv.”  My interpretation: he used the word leitmotiv as a metaphor for telling a melodic story.

The Nashua Symposium’s sculpture unveiling and closing ceremony was held on Saturday, May 31st. I wanted to be a fly on the wall, or more like a fly on a tree since it was an outside event :). My plan was to photograph the little human details and the little stories that brought the community together.  I think Henri Cartier-Bresson would approve.NSS Closing Ceremony-5NSS Closing Ceremony-2

I was told by many of the symposium committee members that this years symposium was very special, but they couldn’t quite put their finger as to why it was different.  The turnout for this year’s event increased significantly.  I did not want to get in the way of the prime photographer and the public who came to see the finished sculptures. I brought my f/4 70-200mm zoom lens.  Taking shots at a discrete distance allowed me to capture the emotion of the event.NSS Closing CeremonyNSS Closing Ceremony-6 NSS Closing Ceremony-7NSS Closing Ceremony-12 NSS Closing Ceremony-13 NSS Closing Ceremony-14NSS Closing Ceremony-15 NSS Closing Ceremony-16 NSS Closing Ceremony-17Sun in PSDNSS Closing Ceremony-10 NSS Closing Ceremony-11

Art brought the community together during the month of May. That’s how I see it.  Many volunteers offered their time–pro bono–and new relationships were created.  Nashua is growing and becoming a beautiful place to live.  Lasha, Amgalan, and Sun left behind a bit of their souls and stories with each sculpture.  This event brought art awareness; teaching a community to live a fulfilling life and to come together to celebrate art if only for a brief moment in time.

Here’s a Link to my full Gallery on Pixieset

Sculpting Stories and Inspiration

As a follow-on to my blog post about the International Sculpture Symposium, I wanted to take a day-in-the-life moment to capture the artists at work. This is one of the highlights of this yearly event. People can stop by throughout the day during the entire month to watch the artists create their sculptures.  John Weidman, the Symposium Artistic Director, encourages visitors to stop by and ask questions.

— — — Lasha Khiasheli, Kim Sunjin, and Amgalan Tsevegmid — — —

Watching the sculptors at work took me back in time to when I was a child. I remember watching my father create little works of art at home and outside in his garden. He liked working with wood, clay, cement and other natural elements he would find.  I recall him decorating and painting a dome he created to cover a Virgin Mary Garden Statue.   He placed the statue in the front yard, so when people drove by they could see it. My father looked most at peace when he was creating something with his hands. It’s satisfying to know this made him happy.

Sculptors 3

While doing research I found out that Amgalan Tsevegmid’s childhood imagination and travels with his own father still inspires his artwork today.  His website shows a collection of many of his works.

Lasha’s Khidasheli’s inspiration comes from his classical foundation in the arts and is what inspired him to dream and express his creativity through sculpture.  He is also an educator and loves to share his experiences and knowledge.

The closing ceremony will be held this Saturday at 1:00 p.m. I look forward to the unveiling of the newest art sculptures and the stories they will tell.

Dare to Create – 2014 Nashua International Sculpture Symposium

Dare to Create is this year’s Nashua International Sculpture Symposium theme. Thursday night I attended the opening ceremony and I was honored to be there to help capture the event. The theme and spirit of the event will last througout the month of May. I was more than delighted (more like ecstatic) to photograph the three new sculptors whom were selected to participate and create sculptures to be displayed at various locations in Nashua and surrounding communities. I also wanted to capture the Nashua City Arts Community for all the hard work and support they put into creating this wonderful event on a yearly basis.

Please visit the Nashua Sculpture Symposium website to learn more about this yearly event and to read about the backgrounds of these three wonderful artists.

Amgalan Tsevegmid & Lasha Khidashel, Mongolia
Amgalan Tsevegmid & Lasha Khidasheli
Amgalan Tsevegmid, Mongolia
Amgalan Tsevegmid, Mongolia
Kim Sunjin
Kim Sunjin (Sun), Korea
Lasha Khidashel, Republic of Georgia
Lasha khidashel, Republic of Georgia

At the end of May the artists will display their creations for all to see during closing ceremonies. Please stay tuned for more news as the artists work throughout the month on their sculptures.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The Ornament

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy the time with your family and friends. Thank you to those who have stopped in this year to view and support this new photography website. There is much work still to do and I plan to make changes in the coming new year. My hope is to make this website more enjoyable to view and read. Even if you only visit my website to view my photography and to read my stories that in itself means the world to me.


Holy Night

Best wishes to all this holiday season.

Greeley Park Art Show 2013

I had a great time at the Greeley Park Art Show today. This year’s show marks the 60th art-show hosted by the Nashua Area Artists Association.  I try to attend every year and it’s lovely to see a community come together to celebrate art.

The weather was perfect and I was so pleased to see the amazing turnout of people.  I especially enjoyed watching parents with their children perusing the artwork. It was a beautiful sight to see. I saw many young children looking down at artwork they purchased as they walked back to the car with their parents.  Getting children involved with helping to choose art for their room, or for the home in general, is a great way to boost confidence in children to let them know that their opinion counts too.

I wish I could have met all the artists, and I wish I could have stopped at every booth, but I was limited on time. Below are just a few of the artists I got to meet, and whose work I got the chance to admire. For those artists below that do not have a link to a website, feel free to contact me via my contact page, and I will send the artist your personal contact information if you’re interested in seeing, or buying their work.

What I love about artists in general is that they’re the kindest and most supportive people I know. They definitely see the world differently and are always ready to capture the beauty the world has to offer. They not only share their passion, but love to share their knowledge too.

Ken Harvey (click on Ken’s name to take you directly to his website)Ken Harvey

SimplyDesigned: Kristen Bryant, Graphic Design/Painting/Furniture Refinishing/Photography:  Kristen’s artwork and overall design were simply unique and fresh.  I especially admired her window frame artwork; it was a standout.  Click on SimplyDesigned or Kristen’s name above to view her website.Kristen Bryant

Howard DentonFine Art Photography:  I loved chatting with Howard about film and the image I purchased from him was taken with a Rolleiflex.  Now that put a smile on my face.  If you would like to see more of Howard’s work, please send me your email address and I will forward to Howard.Howard Denton

John Francis Vey, Photography:  John’s images were simple, clean and popped out at you.  If you would like to see more of John’s work please send me your email address and I will forward to John.  John Francis Vey

F. Ellis Merrill (click on Ellis’ name to take you directly to his website) Landscape Fine Art SpecialistF. Ellis Merril

PHOTO’S BY JO-ANN:  Jo-Ann’s images of birds and wildlife were captivating.  If you would like to see more of Jo-Ann’s work, please send me your email address and I will forward to Jo-Ann.Jo-Ann Matthews

Thanks to all the artists who let me photograph and feature them in this post. You’re all truly amazing.  And to all the artist I missed this year, I hope to see your artwork and visit your tent next year!