Street Photography with a Twist

I enjoy street photography. When I visit NYC, it’s one of my favorite places for shooting street photography. I always look for that special person, or street performer that stands out from the rest. I appreciate a unique looking individual. Keeping the integrity of the original capture is important, but for me, photography and art go hand in hand. I believe in that wholeheartedly. I like to add a bit more style with minor enhancements, such as adding a texture. Photography in my world is about creating an image to tell a story. Central Park Street PerfomersThe young man below looks intimidating, but he was cordial and kind when I asked him if I could take his photo.  He was even nice enough to give me and my husband directions. I regret not taking more photos of him. He had such a cool vibe.It's All About the Hat

Street photography is a great way to get started in photography.  So grab your camera and give it a shot…no pun intended :).

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