Saying Goodbye to Buddy

Today I express a different kind of love on Valentine’s day.  Pet love, but unfortunately on a sad note.  I knew it would someday come, but yet it seems so unexpected and the sadness unbearable.  Difficult does not describe the pain of saying goodbye to a beloved pet, who has been a part of my family and life for twelve years.  Buddy passed away on 21 January 2015.  The photo below was taken last year on Valentine’s Day.  So, it’s fitting for me to write about Buddy on this day.


Buddy 2

Buddy brought so much laughter and fun to our home. His Pug antics—which only a Pug owner truly loves and understands—were priceless. Pugs are comical and at times almost human like. They are by far one of the sweetest and most loving breeds towards humans. The only complaint I hear sometimes mentioned is the constant shedding.  But it’s nothing a swiffer broom can’t handle, and it’s hardly even noticeable.

I would affectionately refer to Buddy as my third son; he and my two boys grew up together.  From childhood to young men; Buddy taught them about patience and the meaning behind the responsibility that comes with pet ownership.


Buddy was also pretty active for a Pug.  He would go on family vacations and on hikes with us.  I loved it when he would run up ahead of us and then stop, turn to face us, and wait to make sure we were coming. Buddy was far from being a lap dog. He loved hanging out with us and of course loved his car rides.

He was also my photo muse over the years.  He never complained when I took my camera out.  He provided me endless hours of practice.  I’m a better photographer because of Buddy.

Buddy will always hold a special place in our hearts.  He provided our family many years of love.  We will forever miss him.  We dedicate our love to him on this special Valentine’s Day. Here’s to smiling at you kid.

Buddy 3

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