Pittsburg, NH Summer Vacation

Our favorite family escape this past summer was visiting New Hampshire’s North Country.  It’s always a much needed soul lifting experience.  Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the real world is our way of rejuvenating our spirits.  The North Country is a place where we can take in all of nature at its best.  Even our Pug, Buddy, knows when we are packing our bags to head up north and he enjoys the trip every year :).

Whether fishing off one of the four Connecticut lakes; or taking our mountain bikes out for a fast and furious trail ride; or keeping an eye out for moose at dusk; or hiking up Mt. Magalloway Mountain to feed the Canadian blue jays, we enjoy breathing and taking it all in.

Pittsburg_SM_2014_00029 Pittsburg_SM_2014_00070 Pittsburg_SM_2014_00104 Pittsburg_SM_2014_00219 Pittsburg_SM_2014_00268 Pittsburg_SM_2014_00303

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