Outdoor Performance with Northern Ballet

I attended the Northern Ballet free outdoor performance held at Greeley Park, Nashua, NH a few weeks ago. The dance routines showcased various dance styles and the performers danced their hearts out for the audience.Torn PaperTap DancersThe venue did not seem to matter: the dancers were out there to perform and do what they love doing best. I loved capturing the colorful costumes, the sweeping lines of the body, and the various dance routines. The jumps left dancers floating on air.  It happens so quickly that it’s nice to have a camera to hold that moment in time to view and appreciate later.Color Palette I didn’t want to be intrusive with my camera in order to allow spectators to watch the show in peace. But, I was still able to capture a few fine shots at a discrete distance.Angels Ladies In WhiteIn addition, I wanted to capture the angles, the color, and the beautiful costumes.  The lighting was soft, which is what I like.Ensemble of Color 2 Two Ballerinas 2I hope you enjoyed the images and don’t forget to add snippets of art into your life.  It’s all around you if you look closely.Soft Glow Ballet

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