Nathan’s Senior Photo Session

PBWI had a perfect day for Nathan’s senior photo session held on 06 December 2015.  At this time of the year one never knows what to expect weather-wise, but the weather held up nicely for us and we all (Nathan and his family) got the chance to enjoy and appreciate the warm outdoor temperatures.


Nathan_B&W profile

I first met Nathan briefly during the Bedford High School Prom.  It was a pleasure to once again photograph Nathan and to document another important milestone in his life.  It solidified for me the great young man Nathan is and the great things the future has in store for him.  I was so happy that Anne, Nathan’s Mom, understood the importance of making an investment to capture this moment in time and to have professional senior photos done.  I can say with strong conviction, through my own personal experience, how important it is to capture this moment in time, and ones youth and the beautiful memories it will bring back years from now.  Someday, I hope that Nathan will look back on this day and share with family and friends the photos and remember the experience with fondness.


Nathan_stone wall

Nathan’s athletic achievements involves rowing for  the Bedford Crew team.  Team work and camaraderie are the critical elements of this sport.  Nathan plans to continue with the sport of rowing when he attends college.  One given in life is that in some shape or form we all one day have to work as part of a team; no matter what field, or chosen path one takes.  What an excellent all around foundation this sport gives to Nathan!

Nathan_sm bridge

Nathan hopes to attend the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA.  I will keep my fingers crossed for him and his family that he gets in.  He sure will be in great company with many notable alumni from Holy Cross that I researched.

Nathan_dam falls

Nathan:  Thank you for being a kind young man and for your patience hanging out with three women on the day of the photo shoot.  Best of luck and I wish you  much success in all you do in life now and in the future!

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