Mostly Muffins

A few weeks ago I was vacationing up in the North Country and my sister-in-law recommended a bakery called Mostly Muffins, which was along our route. We got up early to head home and decided to check it out and stop in for breakfast. Mostly Muffins is located on 51 Parsons Street, Colebrook, NH.

Well, let me just say I was not disappointed: the array of muffins and the staff service was impeccable. Though they serve and sell mostly muffins, they also offer a variety of other breakfast items. I ended up ordering the yogurt cup, which was huge and filled to the brim with fresh fruit. The rest of the family ordered breakfast sandwiches made with homemade bread. Everything on the menu was made to order fresh. Of course, we could not leave without trying the muffins; so the family decided to purchase a few of the muffins to take with us on the go. The muffins stayed fresh, and we ate them for breakfast the next morning.

The other unique aspect of the cafe was the eclectic decor inside the tearoom–where the proprietor sent us to sit and wait–while they prepared our breakfast. I ended up going back to my car to fetch my camera because I was beside myself with what I saw. The room was filled with magical fairy figurines, strewn across the room from ceiling to floor. Twigs and twine and twinkling lights supported the figurines. I did not get the chance to capture them all, but below are just a few.

If you’re ever up in Colebrook, NH, I highly recommend you visit Mostly Muffins. I probably should have taken photographs of the muffins, and the other food items, but take my word for it–the food was excellent! Make sure you stop in and visit, if you’re in the neighborhood. It was truly a whimsical place, and I couldn’t help but think … hmm, how Mostly Muffins, somewhat fit my brand of photography :).












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