Mastering Backlight

I love the effect a backlit glow gives to an image.  It can sometimes be tricky to capture without underexposing your subjects, but when you get it right you will know it.  Images appear dreamlike. The best time for capturing backlight is during the magical golden hour (one hour before sunset), but even when the sun is slightly higher in the sky it’s still worth taking the opportunity to give backlighting a try.  There are many great tutorials on-line to get the technicalities of backlighting just right, but I often just like to feel out the angle and position of my subjects and increase exposure a few stops, so not to underexpose the subjects.

Danielle's Prom_LR_BckLght

The following image was taken during an event I shot.  The light was streaming beautifully through a large high-rise deck, which gave the participants a sunny glow. A little lens flare occurred, but lens flare in my opinion creates a nostalgic image.

Dare to Create_LR_BckLght

Mastering backlight takes practice.  For photographers who are more artistically inclined and prefer to forgo technical perfection for a little imperfection; a backlit scene is truly rewarding.  It adds a little sparkle to an Event portfolio vs. the same ordinary event shots.


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