Macro, Details, and Textures

I’m one of those photographers that likes to get out there and shoot and not mope around the house when the phone does not ring.  As an artist I like to keep creating and honing my skills. Building a photography business takes time.

I took the following shots with my macro lens.  One of my favorites places to shoot in Nashua is Mine Falls.  I always find something interesting and new there. I’ve been adding more and more textures to my work. The possibilities with textures are endless.  The texture can be subtle or strong and can also help tell a story.

The texture I used for the bird house helped soften the image and gave the image a bit more luminance; the bus photo, I shot as I was leaving Mine Falls. I love the bold colors and adding a texture really made the bus pop. It gave the image a fiery glow, which did not exist in real life.

The texture used in the photo of the leaves on the ground was definitely subtle, but it intensified the gold, yellow, brown and green colors.  It brought out the detail as well.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about adding textures to your own photos.

Bird House Blues

The Blue Bus

Mine Falls Leaves

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