Kailee’s Senior Photo Session – Class of 2018

Kailee told me that she considers entering her senior year as one of her biggest accomplishments!  I agree, Kailee!  And that is why we celebrate and honor the importance of graduating high school.

Kailee loves animals and cares deeply for their health and well-being.  After graduation she hopes to become a dog-groomer.  I love this!  I always say people with a strong compassion for animals are the most endearing people of all!

Kailee is also an artist and loves to sketch!  It’s one of her favorite hobbies other than caring for animals.  I’ve seen her sketches and they’re amazing!

She also love participating in cosplay along with her twin sister Jaime.  They both attend cosplay events together whenever they can.  These girls know how to have fun!

I wish you the very best Kailee!  You and your sister are very special to me.  I know your future holds many special experiences in life for you!

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