Jesse Senior Photo Session

On October 31st, Southern New Hampshire enjoyed a warm fall day.  Jesse arrived for her photo session at Mine Falls and brought along her little dog, Charlee, which I believe Jesse stated was a Poodle-Yorkie mix.  I can’t say enough about the gorgeous light we got to enjoy during this photo session.  The fall colors were in bloom and golden light surrounded us everywhere we wandered.

Jesse Senior LR 1

Jesse Golden Field

What I noticed immediately upon Jesse’s arrival was her confidence.  Jesse told me she’s been cheerleading since first grade.   I was not surprised to learn that her position as a “base,” requires a good attitude, strength, and confidence.  It has to be one of the most important positions in cheerleading:  the flyers put their trust in the hands of the base team members.

Jesse Senior LR 2

Jesse Sitting_

Charlee adores Jesse and would not take his eyes off her for one moment.  He enjoyed the wandering portion of the photo shoot as much as we did.

Jesse & Charlee 2

Jesse & Charlee

As Jesse finishes her last year at Bedford High School the rest of her journey encompasses dreams of attending The University of Tampa and she plans to major in clinical psychology.  Jesse you’re a beautiful person inside and out.  It was a pleasure getting to know you a little better since our last shoot!  Best of luck in all you do!!


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  1. Suzanna–you made me cry!–your ability to capture the beauty in anyone and anything is amazing–I can’t thank you enough for taking Jesse’s senior pictures-I am already making plans for you to take our family pics. Just need to gather up the troops-will be in touch!

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