Harmon Hill Farm

When it comes time to take the camera out and explore the natural wonders around us what better place to visit than Harmon Hill Farm.  My husband loves daylilies, so we finally got the chance to visit Carl Harmon’s Daylily farm located in Hudson, NH.  We heard about it from a friend and a recent article in the HIPPO.

It was just exquisite and charming.  Carl mentioned he has over 3,500 varieties and 1,800 for sale.   One of our favorites that we picked up was the Orange Splash Daylily (see 8th image down below).  We enjoyed walking through the garden and there’s a lovely gazebo standing in the center of the farm overlooking the beautiful array of colors.  The daylily farm is a definite must see, so hurry and stop by, Carl loves to have visitors.

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The Orange Splash Daylily, which we picked up to plant at home.

Summer 2015_SM_2015_00091 Summer 2015_SM_2015_00107

Carl Harmon standing amongst his beautiful daylillies at Harmon Hill Farm.

Summer 2015_SM_2015_00127-Edit Summer 2015_SM_2015_00131

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