Green Acres is the Place to be

This year we skipped our yearly week long stay in Pittsburg, NH, but drove through on our way to Quebec City for a four-day mini family vacation.  On the way, we stopped at Green Acres Farm Stand and North Country Decor.  Yes, you read that correctly–Green Acres.  My husband can recite the Green Acres theme song, word for word, and has a habit of entertaining us on road trips through farm-lands.  But all kidding aside, if you are ever up in this neck of the woods, make sure to stop by and visit Green Acres Farm Stand, located on 223 Day Road ~ Pittsburg, NH.  You will receive a warm welcome from the owners: Kathy Meader and Alan Koslowski.  They officially opened their store earlier this year.

Green Acres

Green Acres-4 Green Acres-5

We came across Green Acres several years ago while mountain biking up Day Road.  Back then Kathy sold her homemade jams and other goodies from a small stand outside their home.  Homemade jams is always a treat that we can never pass up.  In a small town word gets around quickly. Kathy’s homemade jams: blueberry, strawberry,  rhubarb/strawberry and also her baked goods grabbed the attention of not only the locals, but those who visit Pittsburg on a yearly vacation basis.  My son is addicted to Kathy’s blueberry squares.  Last year we witnessed the start of the construction.  It’s been nice to see their business grow every year.  As Kathy states: “everything in the store is made with love.”  I was especially impressed this time around with Kathy’s and Alan’s personal handcrafted home decor.  A great place for souvenir shopping.

Green Acres-2 Green Acres-3

Every year we look forward to stopping by to say hello and stocking up on our jam.  So if you are ever up in the North Country, we highly recommend you stop by and say hello to Kathy and Alan.  You will be greeted with a smile and warm hospitality.


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