Granby Zoo, Canada

Going to the zoo has always been a favorite pass time activity for me and my family. And today, even though my boys are now teenagers, they still enjoy a good romp at the zoo. My husband who’s a big kid himself enjoys going to the zoo often. His favorite animals to view are the rhinoceroses and the hippos.  We have to pull him away, otherwise we’d be watching the hippos all day.

Granby Zoo Birds

Zoos, for me personally, sometimes make me feel guilty. I worry about the animals not being in their natural environment. But, I know  it’s highly unlikely that I’d ever get to go on a real African Safari ride.  So, if it were not for zoos, I’d never get a chance to see and gaze into the eyes of these beautiful animals.

Hippo 3 (1)

Granby Zoo Elephant GBZ Gorilla 3

I consider it an honor and privilege to get to see and photograph these animals up close in a safe environment. The Granby Zoo is located in Granby, Canada. It has been voted one of the top ten zoo’s in the country. Below is an excerpt I read about the zoo, which makes me happy and feel less guilty about visiting.

Giraffe GBZ Gator

“Committed to the preservation of wildlife, the Granby Zoo protects endangered and threatened species within the safety of its walls, participating in captive-breeding programs as part of the AZA; Species Survival Plan.  It also takes part in a variety research projects beneficial to species conservation through its Centre de Soins et de Conservation (Care and preservation Centre).”

Here is a link if you’d like to know more about the other zoos which made the top ten list.

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