What is Your Style of Photography?

First and foremost I love taking pictures and capturing moments in time. As they say, time is all we have and I cherish family memories. With that said, I do not want to pigeon hole myself to one particular style or genre of photography. My goal is to capture authentic and candid emotions in an artful way no matter what genre. My style is whimsical, artistic, and ethereal with a little magic thrown in.

What Type of Camera and Equipment do you Use?

Currently I shoot with Nikon cameras, off camera flash, and prime lenses! Recently I also added the Sony a6000 to my arsenal and I love the results.

Price Packages, Service Locations, and Day of Photo Session:

Please visit my Contact page and send me an email if you are interested in my style of photography. I will send you a price list (PDF file), which includes three different price options for your photo session.

Community events are negotiable based on the location and number of hours required of my services.

You will receive all the information and guidance you need prior to the date of the photo session.  I want my clients to have fun and relax and enjoy the experience! Currently I only service the Southern NH community, but I’m looking to expand in the future.

“Photograph by Wandering Images.” What’s the Meaning Behind the BRAND Name?

The BRAND name defines my wanderlust ways of moving and incorporating different locations to the day of our photo session.  The name is significant for the kind of business I envision for my brand of photography.  I love working with clients and choosing a location with several scenic options within close proximity allowing us to wander.  I typically pick out three spots within proximity where I plan to shoot.  When my clients arrive, I map out the locations for them.  This allows my clients to relax and understand the timeline from the start, middle, and end.