Eight Days Until Christmas

I can’t believe there are only eight days left until Christmas.  Where did the time go?  So much to get done in the next few days.  I know I will be running around in a panic to get as much done as possible.  Yesterday, I took a breather and grabbed the camera as a form of relaxation to create some artistic images.  Inspired by the nighttime glow of the Christmas tree lights, I photographed some of my favorite ornaments. Many of which were made by my boys when they were young children.  It never gets old.  Every year the ornaments come out of the box and I marvel at the memories they bring back.  To me that’s what Christmas is all about.  So, since there are only eight days left until Christmas; here are eight images of some of my favorite ornaments.

Tree Ornaments Tree Decor-7 Tree Decor-8 Tree Decor-10 Tree Decor-13 Tree Decor-14 Tree Decor-15 Tree Decor

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