Dare to Create – 2014 Nashua International Sculpture Symposium

Dare to Create is this year’s Nashua International Sculpture Symposium theme. Thursday night I attended the opening ceremony and I was honored to be there to help capture the event. The theme and spirit of the event will last througout the month of May. I was more than delighted (more like ecstatic) to photograph the three new sculptors whom were selected to participate and create sculptures to be displayed at various locations in Nashua and surrounding communities. I also wanted to capture the Nashua City Arts Community for all the hard work and support they put into creating this wonderful event on a yearly basis.

Please visit the Nashua Sculpture Symposium website to learn more about this yearly event and to read about the backgrounds of these three wonderful artists.

Amgalan Tsevegmid & Lasha Khidashel, Mongolia
Amgalan Tsevegmid & Lasha Khidasheli
Amgalan Tsevegmid, Mongolia
Amgalan Tsevegmid, Mongolia
Kim Sunjin
Kim Sunjin (Sun), Korea
Lasha Khidashel, Republic of Georgia
Lasha khidashel, Republic of Georgia

At the end of May the artists will display their creations for all to see during closing ceremonies. Please stay tuned for more news as the artists work throughout the month on their sculptures.

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