Conceptual Art

Definition:  Conceptual Photography or Art Photography takes an idea or concept to convey a story.  Often times it is referred to as Fine-Art Photography because the artist conveys the story from a visual aspect using  the color, style, and medium of choice.

Mission Statement for Conceptual Art Work:  My images reflect finding beauty in the dark side of human nature.  Longing and searching for something are often the metaphors. By adding elements of nature in the scenery, I want to illustrate the evanescence of human life.

Creating art for me comes from observing the real world.  My process involves capturing people as works of art.  I focus on the beauty of human frailties and overcoming hardships.  Works of literature and poetry also influence my work.

The colors I use in my images are inspired by paintings from the Baroque Period.  The colors are vibrant or I tone it down depending on the story or mood.  I sometimes add texture for a more painterly look.  The look of some of my images are influenced by the pictorialist and succession movements in photography.  These pioneers of photography are the first conceptual artists.


River of Despair

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