Samantha’s Senior Photo Session – Class of 2018

It’s so great when you get a message from one of your high school friends contacting you about photographing their daughter’s senior photo session.  It’s such an honor for me to be able capture these moments for my friends.

Samantha’s senior photo session was simple and graceful.  I think her elegance definitely shown through because of her dance background.  She has been dancing since she was 10 years old, not only ballet, but hip-hop and lyrical dance as well.  

I love Samantha’s look.  Purple hair was very popular this year with the class of 2018 and Samantha told me she likes to change it up every few years.  

After graduation Samantha will continue to dance.  But she also loves animals and hopes to work in a field where she can work with animals.  Moo, her cat, and Nubby, her hamster, are very lucky indeed.

I wish Samantha the best of luck in all of her future endeavors!

Nate’s Senior Photo Session – Class of 2018

I photographed Nate in early October for his high school senior session. Nate is such a considerate young man and I’m so excited to share his story.

Nate started drum lessons in September of 2009 when he was in 4th grade. He’s been taking weekly drum lesson since then and found his love of music. He plays everything from classic to hard rock. He’s also been in jazz band and the school band since 4th grade and also the marching band. He’s now the percussion section leader at the high school and also takes great pride in teaching other students to help them progress in their own music skills.

Nate has a heart of gold.  When he upgraded his entire cymbal set he gave his set to a friend and a student in need. He felt that was the right thing to do rather then sell it.  Nate also gave of his time and served a few years with the Best Buddy program at the high school.  His Mom told me that Nate also loves animals and has always enjoyed the dogs that he and his family have fostered over the years.  

Nate is an honor student and always loves to challenge himself!  He hopes to attend Keene State next fall with a major in music performance.  He also plans on exploring options for a backup-double major.

More than anything else Nate loves his family. His mom told me that he was a great support when she sadly lost her mom, his meme, a few years ago and also one of his best adult friends, whom they all considered a pseudo-dad.  Nate was always there for her and the entire family during this sad time.

Nate’s future is certainly very bright indeed and he’s never afraid to try new things and take on new adventures.  His record shows that he is a true leader in everything he does!

A special thank you to Nancy and John, the proud parents, for introducing me to Nate! PBWI wishes Nate the best of luck with his studies and I can’t wait to check back with him in a few years!  

Kailee’s Senior Photo Session – Class of 2018

Kailee told me that she considers entering her senior year as one of her biggest accomplishments!  I agree, Kailee!  And that is why we celebrate and honor the importance of graduating high school.

Kailee loves animals and cares deeply for their health and well-being.  After graduation she hopes to become a dog-groomer.  I love this!  I always say people with a strong compassion for animals are the most endearing people of all!

Kailee is also an artist and loves to sketch!  It’s one of her favorite hobbies other than caring for animals.  I’ve seen her sketches and they’re amazing!

She also love participating in cosplay along with her twin sister Jaime.  They both attend cosplay events together whenever they can.  These girls know how to have fun!

I wish you the very best Kailee!  You and your sister are very special to me.  I know your future holds many special experiences in life for you!

Jaime’s Senior Photo Session – Class of 2018

In August I had the privilege to photography Jaime for her senior session.  There is just so much to love about Jaime!  

After graduation Jaime plans to study cosmetology and hopes to focus on special effects makeup for the arts and movies.  How fun is that!  What an exciting career choice!

One of her favorite hobbies is cosplay where you dress up and make your own costumes.  I can certainly relate to the whole artistic side of cosplay!  Look at the amazing work that goes into creating a cosplay character! 

Thank you Jaime for sharing your story on my blog and on my FB fan page!!  I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the future! 

Alex’s Senior Photo Session – Class of 2018

This photo session was especially close to my heart because I have watched Alex grow up into this handsome young man.  I can’t believe he is now a high school senior!

This session was held in September.  It was a beautiful warm fall day.  So glad we got to capture these wonderful images.

Alex will be pursuing a degree in the field of engineering technology and not surprisingly following in his father and his brother’s footsteps.  He has yet to decide whether his focus will be on mechanical, electrical, or civil engineering, but in the meantime he has applied to several schools and is waiting to hear back from them.  He is looking at going to Wentworth Institue of Technology and also considering Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

For now, he is spending his senior year figuring all that out while enjoying playing the trumpet in the school band.  He also enjoys playing ultimate frisbee in his spare time when he is not working.

I have no doubt that Alex will succeed in whatever engineering field he chooses!  Best of luck to you Alex!

EJ’s Senior Photo Session – Benson Park, Hudson

I can’t believe EJ is a Nashua High School Class of 2017 Senior.  My son and EJ both played for Nashua Little League and I’ve watched EJ grow up from afar and become a charismatic young adult.




I’ve known EJ’s Mom since childhood.  We both became mom’s at the same time and over the years we have shared and discussed our children’s milestones in life: from watching them participate in team sports and cheering them on; deciding on and supporting them throughout their school curriculum choices; stressing over their drivers education; supporting their first job endeavors, and now we have come to the realization that they’re both college bound.  Our little munchkins have become handsome and thriving young men.





EJ plans to pursue a career in the electrical field after he graduates.  But for now he’s enjoying his last year of high school.  He loves to ski and he’s currently participating in the school ski club and looking forward to the ski season!


ej-8 ej-6



Thank you EJ for allowing me to photograph your Senior High School portraits.  I hope that one day you will look back and remember how wonderful it was to capture these special memories.  I look forward to chatting with your mom and keeping up with all your future endeavors.



Radke Family Photo Session

I was so excited and want to start off this blog essay by thanking the Radke family for choosing Photography by Wandering Images to photograph their family portrait session not once, not twice, but three times!  I photographed Jesse last fall and Taylor earlier this year and I was honored to photograph the entire family this time around!

Radke Family 3

Radke family 3

Radke family 7

I’m thrilled that I got to meet Alex and Oliver too!  I brought my husband with me to this session to help me carry my gear, so a special thank you to Alex and Oliver for keeping the husband entertained with discussions about golf.

Radke family 5

Radke family 4

Radke family 2

I also have to give Lori many kudos for scheduling and taking the time to gather the entire family together before sending her two daughters off to college.  So much on her plate to juggle and plan.  Sending the girls off to separate colleges and traveling back and forth is no easy feat.   The wonder woman theme song runs through my mind as I type!  Yes, I’m from the Lynda Carter generation and every-now-and-then I hear that song when I see a woman accomplish amazing unselfish goals for her family.  It also warms my heart that Lori understands the importance of capturing the family at this stage in their lives.  And it’s a memory I hope she holds dear to her heart when she looks back on these photo images.


Radke Family

Radke Family 2

Radke family 6

Thank you Lori once again for giving me this wonderful opportunity to photograph you and your family.  I look forward to keeping up with all your family dreams and goals thoughout the years.  I wish you and the family much happiness and success!


Matthew’s Senior Session

I consider it an honor that in this field of photography I get the opportunity to meet so many gifted and talented young people.

Matthew Senior Session_0004

I met Matthew and his Mom through mutual acquaintances.  Matthew is  a gentleman through and through and our photo session went extremely well, due to Matthew’s positive attitude and patience, despite us both having to deal with some very windy weather conditions on the day of the photo shoot.  My reflector came close to blowing away a few times, but we all kept on smiling.

Matthew Senior Session_0006

Matthew is graduating from Bedford High School and plans to attend the University of New Hampshire (UNH).  He will major in Forestry and wants to be a Park Ranger.  He gained his love of the outdoors as an Eagle Scout, which is considered one of the highest honors in the rank and requires an extensive review process and several years of merit achievements to gain the work-level requirements of being an Eagle Scout.  I could tell that being outdoors–in a forest environment–definitely helped Matthew’s comfort level.

Matthew Senior Session_0008 Matthew Senior Session_0005

Matthew is also  a Bedford Crew rowing team member.   I recently read that the team did very well in their last regatta race!  Congratulations to the Bedford Crew team!

Senior_Matthew A._0002

Matthew Senior Session_0007

Best of luck Matthew in all that you do and for following all of your dreams.  I know you will make an excellent Park Ranger!