Boo and Bella {Pets are Family}

Boo and Bella are coming up on their 6th birthday and are two very special Yorkshire Terriers.  They have brought much joy and laughter to Joellyn and her family.

Boo and Bella-3

Boo and Bella-9

Boo was only eight weeks old when Joellyn brought her home.  Joellyn told me that Boo didn’t seem to react to any name for the first few days until Joellyn one day called her Boo.  Boo immediately crawled unto Joellyn’s lap and gave her kisses.  It was Boo’s way of confirming the name was perfect and she liked it.  Joellyn official registered Boo under the name of Isabeau d’Anjou for the character in the movie Ladyhawke.  And, I will say that Boo is definitely  an enchanting beauty in her own right.

Boo and Bella-4

Boo and Bella-7

When Boo was almost a year old Joellyn adopted her half sister, Bella, from the same woman who sold her Boo.  The woman had decided to put Bella up for sale because she was no longer able to care for her.  Bella was only a few months younger than Boo.  It took a long time for Bella to adjust to her new home, but with lots of love Bella became strong and feisty.  Joelynn kept the name Bella and officially registered her under the name of Bellatrix Lestrange for the character in Harry Potter.  Bella certainly has a mind of her own  and will let you know when she is ready under her own terms.

Boo and Bella-6

Joellynn takes the girls everywhere and they have become little celebrities around town making everyone smile and laugh when they see Joellyn drive with the car top down on sunny days.   I’m thinking Michelle Pfeiffer and Helena Bonham Carter have nothing on these two little starlets :).

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Aside from loving her dogs and giving them a loving home Joellyn has a pretty impressive resume herself.  For over twenty years she has worked as a Business Analyst and she’s currently enrolled at SNHU (class of 2019) working towards a BS in Information Technology (IT) with concentration in Cyber Security and Web Development. You can visit her website here at Almost Human Designs to view the type of services and support she currently provides her clients.

Boo and Bella-2 Boo and Bella-8 Boo and Bella

A special thank you to Joellyn, Boo, and Bella for an afternoon of lots of romping, cuteness, and fun.  Keep on making us all smile.

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