A Day in The Life – Labor Day Weekend 2014

My 4-day Labor Day weekend started with a visit to Boston.  My son, husband, and I took the train out of North Billerica down to North Station. I love traveling by train; it saves us a lot of aggravation from dealing with traffic and parking.



When we arrived at North Station we headed towards the North Harbor and walked along the harbor path.  We love walking and it’s the only way to see the city.  When walking, even everyday mundane things such as broken glass resting on a trunk looks beautiful along the water’s edge.

Broken Glass

People watching and street photography is also my favorite pass-time when in Boston. Yep, I’m that person that stands in the middle of the street to take your picture.  I’m no longer shy about it. If something catches my eye there’s no escaping my camera.  Most people don’t mind in the city and I’m always mindful and respectful if they say no. I smile and I move on.  It took me a while to build strength and confidence in shooting street photography.  But eventually,  it feels natural and normal.  Secretly, I think most people love to have their photos taken.

Boston Bike Rider

When we reached Battery Wharf we came across an unexpected surprise.  Looking out into the harbor we saw the USS Constitution, Old Ironside, floating down the harbor towards us.  This was so great for my son to see.  Apparently they were moving the grand ship to a new location for restoration.  This was its last trip on water for at least three years.  It was a lovely site to see.

USS  Constitution Boston Labor Day Weekend 2014_SM_2014_00018

As we walked along the wharf I got the chance to catch up on my history and read about Paul Revere. We all know about the famous horse ride, but it was interesting to read about his historical role in bringing his neighborhood stomping grounds to life.  I got the chance to admire one of his famous etchings of the harbor back in the day.  Who knew Paul Revere was an artisan as well?  I guess I did not pay as close attention to history class as I should have.

It’s a good thing that we love to walk.  One cannot go to Boston without visiting their fine restaurants. We stopped for lunch at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse inside the old city hall building on School Street.  It is one of my son’s favorites.  Even though the restaurant is a chain, I still love the history behind the creation of the restaurant. Google the restaurant name to get the details.  My husband ordered the filet mignon and I opted for the crab cakes; a hundred percent crab meat, with chopped bits of red pepper, and no breadcrumb fillers. Oh, and yes, I’m also that one-person that orders seafood at a steak-house. My son had the filet cheese steak sandwich.  I took no pictures of the food this time, which my son appreciated.  He gets embarrassed when I go around pretending to be a Gourmet Magazine photographer.

After walking to Faneuil Hall–which is normally to crowded for my taste–we walked down to the Italian North End.  Oh how I love these neighborhoods!  The Italian North End is always so full of life and stories if you look real close.  Every year on Labor Day they celebrate Saint Anthony’s Feast Festival.  The streets are filled with bright decorations, music from the 70’s, and fresh food.  My husband stopped for an afternoon snack of fresh calamari.  I enjoyed the atmosphere and taking photographs. The late afternoon sunlight funneled  nicely through the tall buildings creating a dream-like quality.

Boston Labor Day Weekend 2014_SM_2014_00052

Boston Labor Day Weekend 2014_SM_2014_00037 Boston Labor Day Weekend 2014_SM_2014_00040

Boston Labor Day Weekend 2014_SM_2014_00047 Boston Labor Day Weekend 2014_SM_2014_00048

Boston Labor Day Weekend 2014_SM_2014_00051

Boston Labor Day Weekend 2014_SM_2014_00053

Boston Labor Day Weekend 2014_SM_2014_00041 Boston Labor Day Weekend 2014_SM_2014_00044 Boston Labor Day Weekend 2014_SM_2014_00049

On our way back to the station we stopped at Maria’s Bakery to purchase and bring home fresh pastry.  One can’t got to the North End without stopping for pastries: it’s considered a sin if you don’t at least have one pastry and a good cup of coffee.  I’m not one want to break with religious traditions.  Ok, I totally just made that up, but you get my drift.

Thank you Boston for letting me play with the camera on such a beautiful day.  As always, Boston is my art-haven escape away from home.  It never gets old and there’s always something new.

Boston Labor Day Weekend 2014_SM_2014_00020

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