2015 YEAR IN REVIEW: In Memory of Aunt Jeanne Paquette

Reading my 2014 Year in Review post… it once again reminded me to always surround myself with good people.   I made some hard choices this year that not everyone will understand, but that I know in the end, were the right choices for my well being.  I looked to the positive in every situation and reconnected with old friends who I know only have my best interest at heart and I in turn feel the same way towards them.

Last year, on New Year’s Eve, our dear Aunt Jeanne Paquette passed away at the lovely age of 95.   She led a wonderful life that was always full of gratitude.  And every year at this time of the year I will always remember her last words to our family about life.  She said:  “always surround yourself with good people and make the best of it and enjoy life.”   She also said that if there was anything we ever needed not to be afraid to ask.  She stated she would still find a way to help us.   This left me speechless.

Noah and Aunt Jeanne-2 Noah and Aunt Jeanne

I want to wish everyone who stops by a Happy New Year!  This was a magical, whimsical, and ethereal year for PBWI!  All the things I parlay into my photography came true for me this year.  Once again, I got the chance to work with and meet wonderful people in the process of making a photograph.  Thanks for allowing me to create memories for all of you this year!

Here’s a look back at Photography by Wandering Images 2015 year in review and thanks to all the high school seniors, The Nashua Sculpture Symposium, and all the families and pets that I had the privilege to photograph this year!


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